Diagnostic Resources

Picture Clues

Printable picture-based descriptions of pests of concern can be useful for both First Detectors and First Detectors Educators. The NPDN Training and Education Program may occasionally develop photo based documents that can be printed and used for educational sessions.

Identification Posters

Identification Booklets

Field-based identification guides may be developed by the NPDN or by the NPDN in partnership with other organizations. NPDN provided authorship for the following field-based identification guides:

Pest Alerts

The NPDN has partnered with the Regional IPM Centers, USDA-APHIS-PPQ, and NIFA to produce several regional and/or national pest alerts. NPDN was a partner in the following pest alerts.



LUCID® keys are matrix-based and allow the user to first choose the character or entity for which they are most comfortable.  As with any key or identification guide, the key is only as correct as the available species in the key and end-user error is possible. Nonetheless, LUCID® keys provide end-users with a novel, web-friendly alternative to their pest identification or screening. Although many LUCID® keys are designed for more advanced, professional level users, some field-based keys have been released or are scheduled for release over the next several years.

Sceening Aid to Pest of Palms, LUCID® Key

Citrus Diseases, LUCID® Key


NPDN Master Gardener Wikipages

The NPDN Training and Education Subcommittee has created a page on the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health BugwoodWiki site that provides fact sheets for NPDN Master Gardener training.


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