Diagnosing Plant Problems: Arthropods

This module gives an introduction to signs and symptoms of plant pests including feeding damage, discoloration, and insects signs.  Upon completion of the module, learners will have achieved the following learning objectives:

  • Know the difference between signs and symptoms
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of common plant damage caused by insects
  • Know the insect groups most likely to cause plant damage
  • Understand that not all insects are pests




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Content Revision: October 2013

Text Content Revision: Richard Hoenisch (University of California, Davis), Eric LeVeen (University of Florida) and Stephanie Stocks (University of Florida)

Technical Reviewers: Sharon Dobesh (GPDN Associate Director), Amy Dunfee (NCPDN Teaching and Education Coordinator), Rachel McCarthy (NEPDN, Education and Training Coordinator), and Gail Ruhl (Purdue University)

Content Revision: October 2009

Technical Review and Module Revision: Gail Ruhl (Purdue University)

Original Publication: April 2008

Module Design/Technical Writer: Gerry Snyder with assistance from Buck Rowland (both Kansas State University)

Original Content Experts: Gerald Holmes (North Carolina State University), Judy O'Mara (Kansas State University), Amanda Hodges (University of Florida)

Original Technical Reviewers: Gail Ruhl (Purdue University), Richard Hoenisch (University of California-Davis)

Original Additional Reviewers: Mark Blevins (North Carolina State University), Kasia Kinzer (North Dakota State University), Nina Zidack (Montana State University)



Photo credit - Asian longhorn beetle: Joe Boggs, Ohio State University