Diagnosing Plant Problems: Plant Diseases

An introduction to the skills and concepts of field and laboratory diagnosis that utilizes regionally specific examples. Upon completion of the module, learners will have achieved the following learning objectives:

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of common plant pathogen and insect damage.
  • Know the difference between abiotic and biotic plant damage.
  • Understand the relationship between plant pathogens, pests, and diseases.

Module Credits
Module Design/Technical Writer: Gerry Snyder with assistance from Buck Rowland (both Kansas State University)

Content Experts: Gerald Holmes (North Carolina State University), Judy O'Mara (Kansas State University), Amanda Hodges (University of Florida)

Technical Reviewers: Gail Ruhl (Purdue University), Richard Hoenisch (University of California-Davis)

Additional Reviewers: Mark Blevins (North Carolina State University), Kasia Kinzer (North Dakota State University), Nina Zidack (Montana State University)

Technical Review and Module Revision, October 2009 Gail Ruhl (Purdue University)