First Detector


A National Threat
Our agriculture, forests, and landscapes are all vulnerable to the potentially devastating impacts of introduced insect pests and plant pathogens. These invasive species affect our resources as well as industries on which the United States' economy is built. Efforts to contain and combat these species cost the government billions of dollars, and new pests and pathogens continue to be introduced to our country.



emerald ash borer


Protection from Pests and Pathogens
Early detection of these threats is our most effective defense, and First Detectors nationwide perform this crucial on-the-ground task. Through online training modules and in-person workshops, this network of volunteers is equipped to identify and rapidly report the presence of exotic pests, improving protection of our natural resources and economy.




You Can Help!
You can become part of the growing team of First Detectors! This network is comprised of individuals who frequently interact with plants in their everyday lives, including cooperative extension county educators, crop consultants, pesticide applicators, growers, master gardeners, master naturalists, industry representatives, NRCS conservationists, and other agricultural professionals.