Scripted Presentations

These scripted presentations are available for NPDN First Detector Educators to use in face-to-face First Detector training workshops. There are six core training presentations as well as special topic presentations and a series specifically addressing Asian longhorn beetle.

The NPDN Training and Education Subcommittee revises materials as needed, with a specific emphasis on reviewing content every three years. Any presentations that appear to be missing hyperlinks are currently being reviewed and updated to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. 

Additional resources for First Detector Educators and First Detectors may be found on regional NPDN websites.

See credits and revision history for scripted presentations by selecting the equivalent module here.


Scripted Presentations for First Detector Training

  NPDN First Detector Training Course - Core Topics
      •  Mission of the NPDN
      •  NPDN Sample Submission
      •  Photography for Diagnosis
      •  Monitoring for High Risk Pests
      •  Diagnosing Plant Problems: Insects and Other Arthropods
      •  Diagnosing Plant Problems: Plant Diseases
  Special Topics      
      •  Chilli Thrips, Scirtothrips dorsalis
      •  Asian defoliators (Lymantria and Dendrolimus spp.) & look-alikes
      •  Asian longhorned beetle & look-alikes
      •  Emerald ash borer & look-alikes
      •  Boxwood Blight
      •  Target Pest: Asian longhorned beetle PDF with notes PPT PPTX
      •  Target Pest: Gypsy moth PDF with notes PPT PPTX
      •  Target Pest: Spotted lanternfly PDF with notes PPT PPTX
      •  Target Pest: Sudden oak death PDF with notes PPT PPTX
  Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) Training
      •  Module 1: ALB Identification
      •  Module 2: ALB History in North America
      •  Module 3: ALB Host Selection, Impacts, and Beetle Development
      •  Module 4: How ALB Kills Trees
      •  Module 5: ALB Detection
      •  Module 6: ALB Eradication
      •  Module 7: ALB vs Emerald Ash Borer
      •  Module 8: ALB Whan Can You Do