Pest Identification

Printable Pest Books
-Target Pests Scouting Book
- Sentinel Plant Network Target Pests Scouting Book
-Mealybugs and Look-Alikes of the Southeastern U.S., 2008
-Pest Thrips of the U.S., 2009

Pest ID Cards
-Asian Longhorned Beetle
-Emerald Ash Borer
-European Gypsy Moth
-Giant African Snail
-Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
-Laurel Wilt
-Oak Wilt
-Southern Wilt of Geranium
-Spotted Lanternfly
-Sudden Oak Death
-Thousand Cankers Disease

Wiki pages
Learn more about species and diseases of concern by reading these pest and disease fact sheets created for NPDN Master Gardener training.


Emerging Threats
- New Box tree moth ET
- Japanese pine sawyer ET
- Oak processionary moth ET
- Oak splendor beetle ET
- Scots pine blister rust ET
- Siberian silk moth ET
- Tremex wood wasp ET

More Field Guides
-Asian longhorned beetle and look-alikes
-Significant Agrilus spp. and look-alikes
-Dendrolimus spp. and look-alikes
-Lymantria spp. and look-alikes
-Thousand Cankers, Geosmithia morbida






Identify specific pests from the field using these mobile identification apps!

Citrus Diseases
Desktop | iOS | Android
Citrus Pests
iOS | Android
Palm Diseases & Disorders
iOS | Android
Palm Pests
Desktop | iOS | Android
Tortricids of Agricultural Importance
iOS | Android


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